Why Are Job Boards Becoming a Thing of the Past?

The scuttlebutt in the recruitment industry is that while job boards are still widely used by both candidates and companies, using them actually results in very few hires. Recently, employers reported that just 1.3 percent of their hires came from Monster and 1.2 percent through CareerBuilder. That’s not a very impressive record, and begs the question: what’s the alternative? How can employers reliably find the qualified, talented candidates they actually want to hire?

The answer is becoming clearer every day: partnering with a skilled recruiting firm that uses computer-assisted data mining.

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What Is Data Mining?

Data mining – also called “people analytics” — makes finding the best talent much easier. This goes beyond a simple Boolean query. Data mining means accessing information from multiple, layered sources, such as online resume databases, social media profiles, records of employment, and even scanned business cards and job applications. The results are exciting. Our recruiters spend less time and our clients spend less money because instead of posting on and waiting for responses from multiple job boards, algorithms bring all that information to us directly from one search.

Computers process all of this info and sort it using keywords and scores or flags set by our client and/or recruiter. That process helps identify candidates with the matching set of desired qualities for a particular job posting. It helps eliminate candidates who don’t match, saving our managers a lot of time.

How Can Data Mining Help Me Find Candidates?

With data mining, it’s much easier to find the most talented, skilled, and relevant candidates. We are able to pinpoint people who are in the right geographic location, have the required skills, experience and credentials, and who meet other requirements that are set by our clients. Instead of receiving a pile of unverified “top” candidates who get moved to the top of lists simply because they paid for it, as on LinkedIn and CareerBuilder, we get prospects cherry-picked just for our client’s position.

While data mining can help narrow the group of candidates to only those with the most relevant attributes, the human element is still essential. A skilled and experienced recruiter still needs the soft skills to differentiate between one candidate who is a very good fit and a candidate who is a terrific fit. Machine searches can help identify candidates who are similar to existing employees who are successful, but a smart recruiter can also find candidates who are different enough to bring fresh ideas and new successes.

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